La Habra Old Settlers Historic Society

La Habra Old Settlers Historic Society

Founded in 1898
Meets in the spring and fall annually. Dates and locations will be posted as annual potluck meet ups are planned
First Old Settler's Picnic held in Fall 1898La Habra Old Settlers Historical Society first picnic fall 1898

Board of Directors
Kent Roberts
Eunice Harris
Kitty Zoeter
Kris Hodson
Dorothy Knox
Toni Gartner
Penny Morrison
Jim Gomez

The La Habra Old Settlers Historic Society founded and opened the La Habra Historical Museum in 2009

Purpose of Old Settlers from Articles of Incorporation 1973

The specific and primary purpose of this corporation shall be to bring together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of the La Habra area. Understanding the history of the community is basic to the democratic way of life, gives a better understanding of the state and nation, and promotes a better appreciation of the American heritage.

The corporations major function will be to discover and collect any material which may help to establish or illustrate the history of the area; it’s exploration, settlement; development, and activities in peace and in war; it’s progress in population, wealth, education, arts, science, agriculture, manufacture, trade and transportation. It will collect printed material, such as, historic genealogies, biographies, descriptions, gazettes, directories, newspapers, pamphlets, catalogs, circulars, handbills, programs, and posters; manuscript material such as letters, diaries, journals, memoranda, field books; and museum material, such as, pictures, photographs, paintings, portraits, scenes, aboriginal relics, and material objects illustrative of life, conditions, events, and activities of the past and present.

The society will provide for the preservation of such materials and it’s accessibility, as far as may be feasible, to all who wish to examine or study yet, to cooperate with officials and insuring the preservation and accessibility of the records and archives of the area, and to undertake the preservation of historic buildings, monuments, and markers.

The society will disseminate historical information and arouse interest in the past by publishing historical material in the newspapers or otherwise; by holding meetings with pageants, addresses, lectures, papers, and discussion; by marking historical buildings, sites, and trails; by using the media of radio and television to awaken public interest.

The general purpose and powers are to have an exercise all rights and powers conferred on nonprofit corporations under the law of California, including the power to contract, rent, buy or sell personal or real property, provided, however, that this corporation shall not, except to insubstantial degree engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the primary purposes of this corporation.

No substantial part of the activities of this corporation shall consist of carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign, including the publishing or distribution of statements, on behalf of any candidate in public office.